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A Word from the President…

Welcome to the Delaware Interscholastic Football Coaches Association website. It is our goal to communicate important information that pertains to Delaware High School Football involving coaches, players, parents, and fans. I thank you for visiting with us, and I thank you for supporting High School Football in the great state of Delaware.


John Wilson
DIFCA President


Thursday, September 4th
HODGSON @ Caravel 30-20
Delcastle @ POLYTECH 14-28

Friday, September 5th
A.I. DUPONT @ Sussex Tech 34-28
Appoquinimink @ WOODBRIDGE 17-32
DMA @ Dickinson 28-14
DELMAR @ Chesapeake (MD) 28-21
INDIAN RIVER @ Stephan Decatur (MD) 30-14
Harford Tech (MD) @ TOWER HILL 10-28
Tatnall @ MCKEAN 14-24
OXFORD (PA) @ Newark 28-24
St. GEORGES @ Laurel 28-13
URBANA (MD) @ Dover 24-21
GLASGOW @ Smyrna 27-13
SALESIANUM @ Caesar Rodney 34-21
Concord @ MIDDLETOWN 20-24

Saturday, September 6th
St. Elizabeths @ BRANDYWINE 17-27
LAKE FOREST @ Mount Pleasant 28-17
HOWARD @ Charter 30-20
Conrad @ CHRISTIANA 14-24
St. Marks @ WILLIAM PENN 17-20
SUSSEX CENTRAL @ Northwestern (MD) 24-17
WILMINGTON FRIENDS @ Friends School of Baltimore 26-20
SEAFORD @ Moyer 20-17
ARCHMERE @ Conwell-Egan 28-14

1290 / DIFCA Coaches Poll
1. William Penn (1-0)
2. Salesianum (1-0)
3. Middletown (1-0)
4. Dover (1-0)
5. St. Marks (0-1)
6. Cape Henlopen (1-0)
7. Sussex Tech (1-0)
8. Sussex Central (1-0)
9. Concord (0-1)
10. Glasgow (1-0)

((6 pts for a Division 1 win, 1 pt for a Division 1 loss))
((4 pts for a Division 2 win, 0 pts for a Division 2 loss))

1. William Penn - 6
2. Salesianum - 6
3. Middletown - 6
4. Dover - 6
5. St. Marks - 1
6. Cape Henlopen - 4
7. Sussex Tech - 6
8. Sussex Central - 6
9. Concord - 1
10. Glasgow – 6
Newark – 6
Caesar Rodney - 1


#2 Salesianum vs. #1 William Penn
Coming off of their successful week one title defense, Salesianum will play host to the William Penn Colonials in a battle for the top spot in the state. Salesianum will have to do so without their big named players such as Troy Reeder and Brian O’Neil who graduated are now playing college ball at the FBS level. Not to worry though, newcomer Garrett Cannon carried the Sals to a 28-7 victory over Caesar Rodney last weekend. Gannon completed 6 of 8 passed for 120 yards and two touchdowns and running back Michael Sanzone rushed for 77 yards and one touchdown. It was a dominating performance by a team with question marks at key positions, but like News Journal reporter Andre Smith said in his latest highlight video, the “Sals do what the Sals do” and that would be reload. A Coach DiNardo team has always had the privilege of the saying “Next Man Up” and they will certainly put that on show for us this season. Allowing Caesar Rodney to only 7 points in the game but 270 yards on the ground, Sallies will have to do a better job in the run defense this week against William Penns Reggie Carroll who has already put his name in the hat for MVP. Penn seemed to have a tougher matchup last weekend (on paper) as they defeated St. Marks 24-0 on Saturday afternoon. Carroll who rushed for 128 yards and one touchdown on 22 rushes certainly wasn’t greedy with his play as Shawn Wood rushed for 93 yards, and Donald Wilson rushed for 25 yards and one touchdown. Personally, the game between these two will be won by defense. Can Sallies defense contain or stop Carroll? Can Penns defense stop the Gannon from contacting to his receivers? This will be the HS Game of the Week, and quite possibly a previewing of this years State Championship.

#5 St. Marks vs. #7 Sussex Tech
After a devastating loss to William Penn, St. Marks will take the impressive Kani Kane and the Sussex Tech Ravens who defeated A.I. Dupont 52-22. The Spartans moved the ball well against William Penn but just could not get into the endzone. The Ravens defense isn’t as stout as William Penns, so the Spartans should score, the question is can their defense keep Kane from rushing over 100 yards and scoring touchdowns? If Kane does, Sussex Tech will avenge their 41-0 embarrassment from last season. 

#4 Dover @ #9 Concord
What bigger way to open your new stadium than with a huge win over Maryalnds Urbana football program. Dover lost last season to Urbana 16-20 and made it to the Semi-Finals of the State playoffs. With that said, I would put the entire state, the teams on the Senators in particular on alert. Yes, they lost a great deal of talent, but Coach Dante Jones seemed to do what a lot of our consistent winning programs do, and that’s reload the best you can with the talent you got, and work their skill set. Last year, Dover defeated Concord 26-14 and look to improve on that and go (2-0) this season before meeting up with St. Josephs School, St. Marks and then having to open up conference play. If Dover can contain Concords Bryce Alleyne who rushed for 135 yards and one touchdown, the Senators should win big, but don’t be surprised if Concord sneaks in some big plays that could change the way the game pans out.

HS Division 1 Week Three Breakdown
Fox Sports 1290 / DIFCA Coaches Poll
1. William Penn (2-0)
2. Salesianum (1-1)
3. Middletown (2-0)
4. St. Marks (1-1)
5. Cape Henlopen (2-0)
6. Concord (1-1)
7. Sussex Tech (1-1)
8. Dover (1-1)
9. Newark (2-0)
10. Sussex Central (1-1)

1. William Penn - 12
2. Salesianum - 7
3. Middletown - 12
4. St. Marks - 7
5. Cape Henlopen - 8
6. Concord - 7
7. Sussex Tech - 7
8. Dover - 7
9. Newark - 12
10. Sussex Central - 7

HS Games to Watch

Newark @ Glasgow
In what could very well pivotal game in the Flight A race, and a district rivalry, Newark will travel to Glasgow to showcase their big line, and stellar quarterback in Ben Campbell. Glasgow opened the season this year in the Fox Sports 1290 / DIFCA Coaches Poll at #10 looked to have a big season under newcomer and quarterback Isaiah Wilson who is only a freshman but has been talked Force early on, going down 13-0, but a pair Joseph Burtons touchdown runs would bring the Jackets up 14-13 at the half. Opening up the second half, it would be highly touted Ben Campbell who threw for 6 touchdowns the previous week, get in on the scoring as he would rush for a 16 yard touchdown to go up 21-13. A Charter score would tie it up in the 4th at 21, but Campbell would take over after that throwing for two touchdowns on of 53 yards to Sherman, and one of 13 yards to Suski. The game this weekend between the two is sort of a no matter what record game, because it doesn’t matter what record either team has at any point in the season when they meet, it will always draw a nice crowd and a close game between kids who grew up together, played pee wee together, and are just friends all around. However, given that, with Newarks experience, it will be hard to go up against this them, at least in this bout.

St. Marks @ Sussex Central
In what is another great game to be go see, and from his interview with the 1290 broadcast team, News Journals Brad Myers will be posting himself at this one, so make sure when you see him, to give him a cookie, as the St. Marks concessions which is now known and famous for press box food, will not be there this night. Despite not being in a conference together, these two usually put on a clinic, and usually is a game I regret not going down to. Since 2006, these two programs have played each other 1 and St. Marks holds the series lead with 5-2 record, and also winning the last three meetings. St. Marks is the early favorite, especially after Centrals loss to Division 2 Lake Forest but I feel like this could very well be a trap game for the Spartans. Both programs are 1-1, and with Sussex Central coming off a worse loss than what should have been, they could be firing on all cylinders this week, and. Marks having to travel down to Georgetown, it could be a rough night. We all saw what the long drive did to A.I. Dupont down at Sussex Tech, and Dovers up to Concord. Despite all that, as long as St. Marks plays fundamental football, much like it did last week against Sussex Tech, it should prevail once again taking the series lead (from ’06) to 6-2.

A.I. Dupont @ William Penn
It was just two years ago when A.I. Dupont last had their victory over William Penn, the year before that, William Penn crushed the Tigers 41-0, and last season with much of the same personnel for both squads, Penn won a close one 27-20. In the game last season, Reggie Carroll rushed for 236 yards and three touchdowns on 30 carries, that’s an average of 7.86 yards a carry which for some backs is a milestone, and if you thought their defense was really good this season (only allowing one touchdown in two games against two of the top three teams) then heres a statistical fact for you, they recorded 6 sacks, 3 interceptions and one blocked punt returned for a touchdown so if last years game was anything, we could be in store for a real treat this Saturday morning. Then again, last years team and this years team of William Penn aren’t the same. After beating St. Marks, and the Salesianum in back to back weeks, with both of them being ranked at two behind Penn, you are have to be under the impression that William Penn is on the freight train to a State Championship. And who could blame you? I bet if you researched it right now, you wouldn’t find a school in Delawares rich history of high school football where a team has beaten the number two ranked team in the state in back to back weeks, it just doesn’t happen, so no matter how close the games were in the past, no matter what time the game starts, or whether its on a Friday or satrday, you have to think that William Penn will win this one in a rout.

Concord @ Salesianum
In my HS Game of the Week, it will be Concord traveling to Salesianum. Salesianum has lost a great deal of talent from last years state championship, and although there are still key pieces on the team, last weekend against William Penn gave me no hope to where I can pick them confidently. The Sals played great football up until the last quarter and made plenty of mental mistakes, where as Concord embarrassed a good Dover team who was riding a high from beating a good Maryland team in Urbana. Concord gave Middletown a game in the first week of the season, in a game where they had plenty of chances to win it, but key penalties and turnovers gave the game to the Cavaliers. Yes, the name is still Salesianum written across the jersey of those blue and gold, but I feel like this game could be a lot closer than most think. Concords running game is by far better to, or equal to that of William Penns, a ground attack that Salesianum had trouble with last week. The only difference I see that will have to play suit in this game will be the productivity of Salesianum passing attack. If Cannon can connect with his receivers on key third downs, or just often, it will be your typical Salesianum football game, them winning by a mile, but if not, it could be another 17-10, 17-14 type of game between two playoff caliber teams.

Fox Sports 1290 / DIFCA Coaches Poll
1. Caravel (2-0)
2. St. Georges (2-0)
3. Hodgson (1-1)
4. Woodbridge (2-0)
5. Lake Forest (2-0)
6. DMA (2-0)
7. Archmere (1-1)
8. Indian River (1-1)
9. Laurel (1-1)
10. Tower Hill (2-0)

1. Caravel - 10
2. St. Georges – 8
3. Hodgson - 4
4. Woodbridge - 12
5. Lake Forest - 10
6. DMA – 8
7. Archmere - 4
8. Indian River - 5
9. Laurel - 4
10. Tower Hill – 8


DMA @ Tower Hill
In an early battle of undefeated, Delaware Military Academy will travel to Tower Hill who went undefeated last season before falling in the playoffs. Undefeated, which means they just so happened to beat DMA last season 28-8, but this year DMA has a new coach, a new way of life, new scheme, new quarterback and etc, so the outcome could very well be different. Neither school has really played an opponent good enough to let us know where they exactly stand, but the game this weekend between the other could very well decide that for us, even if it is week three.

Hodgson @ Caesar Rodney
Much like last season, these two schools are begging for the win Friday night. Hodgson suffered the hands of defeat in week one against rival Caravel, while Caesar Rodney has had the unpleasantries of going up against Salesianum in week one, and Middletown just last week, falling to (0-2) for the season. The Riders need a win before conference play opens up in the Henlopen North, having to face the likes of Dover and Cape Henlopen, Sussex Tech, and Sussex Central, and you can even throw in Smyrna and Polytech, so to enter that going (0-3) would be murders row for them if they wish to reach the playoffs. On the other side of the ball, a win for Hodgson would establish dominance and could perhaps get the Silver Eagles back on track in their own division to reach the playoffs and defend their title out right. Hodgson features Ray Jones who was predicted during the pre season to win the MVP award and if he still wishes to reach that goal he would need a showing in this game to succeed his showing in last years game where they fell to the Riders 34-41.

Cape Henlopen @ Indian River
Can this be the game where Cape silences their critics? Somehow I believe that no matter the outcome of the game against Indian River, whether it’s a close win/loss, or a blowout win, those critics will still be there until the Vikings meet up with conference foes in Dover, Caesar Rodney, Sussex Tech, and Central. For the last few years, Cape has started with a weak schedule, and even managed to miss the playoffs one year with an (8-2) record because of it, so any bumps, or bruises to be had in their schedule isn’t going to go over lightly when it comes time for calculating playoff points after the final week ten game has been played. Indian River has been a rather good opponent the last few years so its all going to be up to the eye test, and who exactly is viewing them. Cape Henlopen has been one of those sleeper picks for the a good three years but never managed to live up to the hype, but with a much more level playing field in competition this season, the time is now for the Vikings if they wish to make noise in Delaware high School football.

Smyrna @ Laurel
Normally, a Smyrna or a Laurel game wouldn’t get much publicity, mainly on the count that these two programs have fallen to the bottom of their respected divisions over the last few years but with their impressive wins last weekend, Smyrna over Indian River, and Laurel over St. Elizabeths, this game has to draw a bit more attention. Laurel features a running game that resembles what it used to yield back in the old days, and Smyrna has grown in population bigger than any other city or town in the state so with that much talent to pull from they should be competing for a playoff berth every year. Even though, both teams are in separate divisions, I feel this could be a closer game than most believe, and with the running attacks that they both are representing, it could be a low scoring affair as well.