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Welcome to the Delaware Interscholastic Football Coaches Association website. If you follow Delaware High School Football, you will view this website as both entertaining and informative. It is our goal to communicate important information that pertains to Delaware High School Football involving coaches, players, parents, and fans. High School Football has a long history of building leaders, creating an atmosphere of respect and discipline, and developing responsible young men. It is our hope that this website will promote these types of individuals and share with you the passion and the success that has long been at the forefront of Delaware High School sports. 
I invite you to reach out to any of our board members or add comments about how we can make our website better. I thank you for visiting with us, and I thank you for supporting High School Football in the great state of Delaware. Best of luck to all for a very successful season!


John Wilson
DIFCA President

((11/03 - 11/09))
1. Middletown (9-0)
2. Salesianum (8-1)
3. Dover (8-1)
4. St. Marks (6-3)
5. William Penn (6-3)
6. Caesar Rodney (6-3)
7. Cape Henlopen (5-4)
8. Concord (5-4)
9. A.I. Dupont (5-4)
10. Sussex Central (4-5)

((Bonus Points included))
((1 pt – for every team on schedule with 7-8 wins))
((2 pts – for every team on schedule with 9-10 wins))

1. Middletown – 54 +1 = 55
2. Salesianum – 44 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 48
3. Dover – 49 +1 = 50
4. St. Marks – 35 +1 +1 +1 = 38
5. William Penn – 39 +1 +1 +1 = 42
6. Caesar Rodney – 37 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 42
7. Cape Henlopen – 29 +1 +1 +1 = 32
8. Concord – 34 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 38
9. A.I. Dupont – 32 +1 +1 = 34
10. Polytech – 28 +1 +1 = 30
11. Sussex Tech – 26 +1 +1 = 28

(* = Auto Bid)
#1 Middletown (*) – Bye Week
#2 Dover – Bye Week
#3 Salesianum vs. #6 St. Marks
#4 Caesar Rodney vs. #5 William Penn

Tie Breakers projected Caesar Rodney over William Penn for the 4th seed from Opponents wins, as well as St. Marks over Concord for the 6th seed due to Opponents wins.

Middletown @ Salesianum
A game that has no meaning except for playoff seeding, and bragging rights. There is quite a bit of history related to this game that does not require the teams, Coach Delpercio and Coach DiNardo are good friends who use to coach together in Middletown with numerous trips to the Championship game. Early back in the 2000’s, DiNardo decided to leave the Cowbells on the shelf and coach Salesianum where he has won 3 State Championships with 3 appearances, and soon after he left, Delpercio who was at Glasgow returned home, only to lead his team to 3 State Championships on 5 appearances. This season, both are primed to return to the playoffs and battle it out for yet another State Championship. Much like last seasons meeting, both teams are entering this game as the number one and number two teams in the state of Delaware. The Cavaliers are averaging 44 points a game against a defense that has only allowed an average of 11.2 points a game. On the other side, Salesianum has racked up an average of 36.44 points a game and will test their high powered offense against a Middletown defense that has only allowed 7.3 points a game. As well as the Statistics, each features their own pool of Division 1 recruits, Troy Reeder and Brian O’ Neil for Sallies, and Darius Wade, Chris Godwin for Middletown. Ive stated in the past that if the two meet in the regular season and the playoffs, history has proven that the winner of the regular season game does not come out on top in the post season with the exception of last year, and determining on the winner of this game, these two could find their way facing each other in two weeks in Middletown for the right to go to the Championship. For Middletown, this will be their toughest test since meeting with Salesianum last year, whereas Sallies schedule has featured some playoff contending out of state teams, as well as the majority of the Division 1 Top 10, listing as one of the toughest schedules in the state with St. Marks and Caesar Rodney. Last season, Reeder was sidelined due to an injury, but this year he is better than ever and with DiNardos new passing attack, the Sals offense is scarier than ever. Baynard Stadium is always a great atmosphere whenever Salesianum plays Middletown, and the last time these two met in Wilmington, the Cavaliers prevailed 17-7 with a controversial field goal that left many leaving in debate, but the last two times these two played, Middletown has owned all 8 quarters, outscoring the Sals 62-0, something that no team has ever been able to say. Defense may go out the window in this game, so the key to victory for both teams is the obvious, how one offense can keep up with the other.

St. Marks @ Oxford (PA)
A late arrival on the schedule this year as St. Marks will be taking on Oxford (PA) to fill their tenth game void throughout the season. Oxford may sound familiar as they are the first team on Newarks schedule this season, and defeated the Yellow Jackets 14-7. Since that date, Oxford has went on a 6-3 run, and just missing out on the PIAA playoffs, making them a quality opponent for the Spartans as they prepare for the Division 1 playoffs to take on Salesianum, Caesar Rodney or William Penn, all of whom they have met once already this year, and only losing to Salesianum just a few weeks ago. St. Marks is entering this game with one of the states better defenses only allowing 8.8 points to in state teams, not including their loss to nationally ranked Paramus Catholic. In their 8 games in state, they have shut out four including William Penn who seems to have already clinched their playoff berth and possibly a first round home game. The Hornets have scored an average of 30 points a game and has allowed an average of 23.2 points a game. A win is crucial for the Spartans as they need a win to punch their ticket to the playoffs but to also avoid playing their rival Sallies twice and within a 5 week period. As playoff points are essential to the DIAA and their playoff scenarios, the Caesar Rodney and Dover game will also have a impact on St. Marks regardless of the Spartans and Hornets outcome.

Dover @ Caesar Rodney
If your not up north Friday night to take in the Sals and Cavs, Camden will be the place to be as Caesar Rodney hosts its much hated rival Dover. It was only a few years ago, this game ended in a brawl between the two that escalated to the point where players on the bench and sidelines thought it would be beneficial enough to join in on the mess. Its been two to three years now since that incident, Caesar Rodney is still a Top five team, and with a new coach, a new outlook and attitude on things, Dover is now a dangerous team that others have feared, but also going in the right direction with grades and community awareness. The Senators have gathered for study hall every week before practice in order to help with grades and academics, they have been featured in events and fundraisers to help raise awareness for cancer and much more. Indeed, Dover is not the team that many thought they were in years past, and you could put that on the coaching, the student athletes that are on the team, and the community that backs its team through everything that they have done. This weekend, against the Riders, not only will it be one of their toughest games to date, because the Senators has had their share of good games, but it will be a night where Dover can earn a bye week for the payoffs that start next weekend, and a statement that could be made to the competition in the usual contenders in Middletown and Salesianum. CR has a tall order in front of them, as no one has been able to stop or slow down the speed that this Dover team possesses, including new comer Marcellus Pack who is making a name for himself with his performances and someone who has been mentioned as an All State nominee. The Key for the Riders this Friday night will be to get on the board early, and stay close, as Dover has only played a full game against Urbana (MD), St. Marks and Sussex Tech, all of which were in the first half of the season, and hasn’t allowed no more than a touchdown in their last four games. Caesar Rodney can still make the playoffs no matter the outcome of this game, but a win not only solidifies its berth, but gives the Riders a home game against possibly William Penn or St. Marks.

Polytech @ Sussex Tech
Cape Henlopen @ Smyrna
Concord @ Newark

1290 / DIFCA DIVISION 2 COACHES POLL ((11/03 - 1109))
1. Hodgson (7-2)
2. St. Georges (8-1)
3. Indian River (6-3)
4. Tower Hill (9-0)
5. Caravel (6-3)
6. Woodbridge (7-2)
7. Delmar (8-1)
8. Archmere (6-3)
9. Howard (6-3)
10. Delaware Military (5-4)

((Bonus Points included))
((1 pt – for every team on schedule with 7-8 wins))
((2 pts – for every team on schedule with 9-10 wins))

1. Hodgson – 31 +1 = 32
2. St. Georges – 34 +1 = 35
3. Tower Hill - 36
4. Caravel – 26 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 31
5. Indian River – 27 +1 +1 = 29
6. Delmar – 34 +1 = 35
7. Woodbridge – 33 +1 = 34
8. Archmere – 26
9. Howard – 27 +1 +1 = 29
10. Delaware Military – 22 +1 +1 +1 = 25

(* = Auto Bid)
#1 Tower Hill vs. #8 Howard
#2 St. Georges vs. #7 Indian River(*)
#3 Delmar vs. #6 Caravel
#4 Woodbridge vs. #5 Hodgson(*)

Just Missed the Cut – Archmere, Delaware Military
Wilmington Friends @ Tower Hill
Its not your usual top contending teams, but this weekend, Tower Hill will host Wilmington Friends in hopes to remain the only unbeaten team in Division 2 and earn their schools playoff berth and a home game against Howard, Indian River, Woodbridge or Delmar. Unfortunately, the Hillers schedule exactly wasn’t filled with tough competition, but they used the cards they were dealt and still remain at (9-0). Delaware Military was the Hillers toughest test this season and they came out victorious 28-8 and have outscored their opponents 306 to 46, an average of 34 points a game against 5 points a game and with four shutouts. Last weekend, Tower Hill defeated Dickinson 38-0 and will be going up against a Friends defense that has allowed 17 points a game so something is going to have to give. If the Hillers finish the season unbeaten, it will be the first time they have pulled off such an accomplishment and reaching the playoffs for the first time since 2007 when they went 9-2, only to lose to Hodgson 0-40 in the first round of the playoffs. Will this year be different? Are the Tower Hill Hillers a serious threat to the Championship contenders?

Woodbridge @ Delmar
After their horrifying loss to Indian River last Friday night, Delmar looks to rebound and against Woodbridge who is having a terrific season and who is also in contention for the Division 2 playoffs. This could very well be a playoff preview and we get the chance to see it before the playoffs even begin. The Raiders currently sit at a (7-2) record with their only losses coming off of Polytech and Indian River, but hold key wins over Lake Forest and Sussex Tech. Coach Manlove has this squad going in the right direction for the first time in over a decade and could make a bigger statement if they were to pull off the upset over Delmar who before last weeks game against Indian River, was one of the Top favorites to win the Division crown. In their loss to Indian Rive, Woodbridge only loss by 10 points compared to Delmars loss by 20. In their nine games played, Woodbridge is averaging 135 yards in the air per game, with 175 yards on the ground, a very well balanced offensive attack which could give any team trouble. What many don’t know is how well the defense has been performing, with 19 sacks, and 7 interceptions, the Raiders have allowed 18 points per game, quality statistics that any defensive coordinator would love to have in his pocket. The plus side for Woodbridge is that Delmar has had trouble all season scoring points and could help the Raiders in their hops of hosting a playoff game for the first time in years.

Sussex Central @ Indian River
In an Interdivisional game, Indian River will host Sussex Central who is playing for pride right about now. At a (4-5) record, what better way than to go out on a good note and finish (.500) but easier said than done. Indian River is averaging 26 points a game, with the majority coming from Kiante Sturgis who has scored 84 points this season with 14 touchdowns with Spencer Murray and Tim Roberts right behind him with 30 points each with 5 touchdowns. The Knights will have to slow down this fast offense and hope to get up early, otherwise, the Indians will have no trouble putting points up on the scoreboard. Central seems to be in a bit of a rebuilding mode this season, and regardless of this weekends outcome, the Knights will be back next season as one of the top contenders and a force for anyone on their schedule. Another hard season in the North next year I predict?

St. Georges @ Mckean
Caravel @ Mount Pleasant
Dickinson @ Brandywine
Lake Forest @ Milford

HS 2012 PREDICTION TOTAL: 199/243 = 82%
HS 2011 PREDICTION TOTAL: 217/251 = 86%
Thursday, November 7th
ST. MARKS @ Oxford (PA) - 35-17 ~ W (30-7)

Friday, November 8th
Wilmington Friends @ TOWER HILL 24-35 ~ W (7-28)
CHARTER @ Appoquinimink 28-17 ~ W (3-13)
Glasgow @ A.I. DUPONT 24-35 ~ L (36-14)
CONCORD @ Newark 28-24 ~ W (41-6)
ST. GEORGES @ Mckean 37-10 ~ W (50-20)
CAPE HENLOPEN @ Smyrna 35-14 ~ W (42-0)
Middletown @ SALESIANUM 21-24 ~ W (13-24)
LAUREL @ Seaford 21-17 ~ W (45-6)
Polytech @ SUSSEX TECH 20-30 ~ W (28-35)
DOVER @ Caesar Rodney 35-32 ~ L (18-42)
Woodbridge @ DELMAR 24-27 ~ W (28-33)
LAKE FOREST @ Milford 30-14 ~ W (33-7)
Sussex Central @ INDIAN RIVER 27-35 ~ L (29-27)


Saturday, November 9th
Dickinson @ BRANDYWINE 10-32 ~ W (6-7)
CARAVEL @ Mount Pleasant 42-14 ~ W (42-7)
St. Elizabeths @ ARCHMERE 17-30 ~ W (8-13)
HODGSON @ Christiana 49-10 ~ W (73-6)
DMA @ Conrad 35-14 ~ W (49-7)
Delcastle @ WILLIAM PENN 10-40 ~ W (8-28)
Tatnall @ ST. ANDREWS 20-26 ~ L (21-16)
Moyer @ HOWARD 7-42 ~ W (0-2) FORFEIT


#1 Middletown - Bye Week
#2 Salesianum – Bye Week

#3 Dover vs. #6 St. Marks (Friday at 7:30 pm)
After a depressing loss last week to rival Caesar Rodney, Dover has a chance to bounce back against St. Marks and punch their ticket to the State Semi-Finals to meet Salesianum next Saturday night. Penalties killed multiple drives set up by the Senators and must improve in their discipline if they wish to slow down the Spartans offense which has turned it on at late this season, and has only allowed 13.4 points this entire season, and that includes the 54 points allowed to Paramus Catholic just a few weeks back.

This is the second time these two have met this season, and despite only falling by 8 points, St. Marks had a hard time stopping Dovers ground game which racked up a total of 253 yards on 26 rushes, an average of 9.73 yards per rush and with all three touchdowns coming on the ground. If the run defense can step up to the plate and get off the field after third downs, St. Marks should have no problem coming away with a victory this time. Dover may be at home this week, and is considered the underdog in this matchup according to some journalists throughout the state. Dovers keys to the game is just the opposite of what St. Marks is, but to stick with what they do best, run the ball, keep the Spartans offense off the field, and wear down the defense which has been the Spartans strong suit all year.
PREDICTION: Dover 26 St. Marks 24

#4 Caesar Rodney vs. #5 William Penn (Saturday at 7:30 pm)
Two teams that tied in playoff points coming tournament calculation time, but due to strength of schedule, Caesar Rodney will host William Penn Saturday night. The two teams losses came off of the same opponents, Salesianum, Middletown and St. Marks but that doesn’t mean much other than for Statistics. Back in week one, the Riders fell to Salesianum in overtime by 7 points, only to be blown out by Middletown the following week, since then, they have went (7-1) and may be the hottest team going into the playoffs.

William Penn however would give Salesianum and Middletown their toughest games of the season which could go a long way as for confidence for the Colonials. Running back Reggie Carroll has rushed for 1,784 yards on 200+ carries an average of 8.42 yards a gain, and for 19 touchdowns. 

If the Riders can stop Carroll from getting out in the open where hes the most dangerous Caesar Rodney should roll on to the next round to face Salesianum or Middletown, two teams the Caesar Rodney would probably love to meet again, knowing that they can play Salesianum, and the fact that if they were to meet Middletown again it certainly wouldn’t be a repeat from back earlier in the season.
PREDICTION: Caesar Rodney 35 William Penn 21


#1 St. Georges vs. #8 Indian River (Friday @ Appo at 7:30)
In what could possibliy be the biggest game of the weekend, St. Georges will host Indian River at Appoquinimink tonight due to the fact that their stadium does not meet DIAA requirements for a playoff game. The last time the Hawks were featured as the first seed they were beaten by Archmere. Does Indian River have what it takes to cause a repeat in history for St. Georges?

The Hawks have featured probably the best duo of running backs in the state with the Selby brothers who have racked up a total of 1347 yards, with T. Selby rushing for 815 with 13 touchdowns, and K. Selby rushing for 532 for 9 touchdowns, and as dangerous as the running attack is, you still have to respect the passing game that they have with Zach Wright passing over 800 yards for 13 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions.

Don’t let the #8 seed mislead you, Indian River may be one of the better teams in the playoffs, with one of the tougher schedules to boot, the Indians feature one of the fastest paced offenses and will put that to the test against defense that averages only 2 touchdowns allowed in a game. The Indians were practically out of the playoff race until they beat Delmar a few weeks back, earning them the Henlopen South title and the automatic bid into the playoffs. The Key for the Indians to move on to the next round and face Hodgson, Tower Hill, or Delmar will have to be score quickly and get up on the Hawks, although they have proven to comeback from deficits like in the Caravel game, the offense is not really made to come back from behind, and to stop the twins that no one has been able to do all season.
PREDICTION: St. Georges 30 Indian River 27

#2 Hodgson vs. #7 Howard (Saturday at 11:00 am)
In a rematch from earlier in the year Hodgson will host conference rival Howard for the second time. In the first meeting, The Eagles defeated Howard 45-0 and in order for the Wildcats to make this one even close will be to not do whatever they did the first time.

Hodgson may be the best team in the Division, maybe even the state and with Ray Jones leading an offense that executes well, and with the speed the wide outs and backs have, makes this team a serious threat. Other than their games with Caravel and St. Georges, Hodgson has scored over 40 points in every game, including 60 against Mckean and last weekend when they scored 73 against Christiana. They have three shutouts and have kept Caravel and St. Georges under three scores in their respective games, something that not many, or any team has done for the last few years.

Howard must improve in all areas of the game if they wish to knock off Hodgson. Given that this matchup is a yearly rivalry, and the coaches know each other really well including their playbooks, anything can happen in this one, but the Cats must draw up some schemes that the Eagles haven’t seen before or it very well could be a trip down memory lane Saturday morning.
PREDICTION: Hodgson 42 Howard 17

#3 Tower Hill vs. #6 Woodbridge (Friday at 7:30)
In a game that doesn’t feature many well known athletes, two teams that aren’t known for playoff runs will have their chance at knocking off the other and move on into the second round for the first time in years. Last time Tower Hill was in the playoffs they fell to Hodgson 40-0 back in 2007. It certainly wont happen again as the Hillers have one of the better well rounded offenses that averages over 150 yards per game, and have won almost every game on their schedule by more than two touchdowns. With 17 interceptions on the year and 16 sacks, makes this defense a fearsome group of young men and should wreck havoc in the Blue Raiders backfield the entire night.

Woodbridge has entered the playoffs as probably one of the more surprising teams, in the offseason you wouldn’t have said that they would beat Appoquinimink, or Lake Forest, Sussex Tech or hang with Indian River and Delmar, but yet here they are in the post season for the first time in over a decade. In one of the most balanced offenses, Woodbridge averages over 170 yards on the ground every game with 140 in the air and 35 touchdowns on the season. They are led by Quarterback Logan Wescott who has the ability to squeeze the ball in a tight hole to his receivers or take off with his legs if need be and beat you. Wescott has thrown for over 1300 yards and rushed for over 600 yards, making this kid one of the most better dual threat Qb’s in the state of Delaware. 

Despite not being your typical playoff contending powerhouse teams, this game could be one of the closest and better games of the weekend.
PREDICTION: Tower Hill 24 Woodbridge 28

#4 Delmar vs. #5 Caravel (Saturday at 7:30)
To Close out the weekend, what better way to end the first round with a classic like Delmar against Caravel. Two teams known for playoffs and championships and just over good football. Caravel may be bit more underrated than some thought going into the season, but they still are one of the clear cut favorites going into the playoffs. Derrick Groomes and Aaron Hudson may be one of the better QB – RB pairs that any program will see this season. Despite having lost Savage for the year, the Bucs still average over 200 yards on the groun and just about 100 yards in the air every game. The Defense which is led by Linebacker and all state nominee Matt Boylan which has carried his brothers to 15 sacks 6 of them being his, and has recovered 4 fumbles. With 9 interceptions on the year Caravel will give a struggling Delmars offense fits through the entire game.

Much like I just said, Delmar has struggled this entire season to get its offense going, besides last week scoring over 30 points for the first time since the first two weeks of the season against Chesapeake and John Carroll Maryland. If Delmar can slow down Caravels rushing game, and make Groomes try and beat them in the air, they may have a chance, but if they cant score over 24 points in this game, Caravel will be resting their starters before the end of this one for their likely opponent in Hodgson, Tower Hill or Woodbridge the following week.
PREDICTION: Caravel 37 Delmar 17